Dr. Funk is Only Practicing at Oath Animal Hospital!

Dr. Funk is Only Practicing at Oath Animal Hospital!

In the bustling world of veterinary medicine, finding the perfect fit can be akin to a puzzle with missing pieces. For me, the journey has been one of exploration, growth, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Four months into a busy year, three hospitals later, two medical record system overhauls, and one Dr. Funk to go between*. This is a threshold to a new chapter – one driving to redefine the landscape of pet care on Long Island and beyond.

Oath Animal Hospital is happy to be the new addition. Amidst the backdrop of Oath’s large, easy parking, beautiful waiting area with separate dog and cat seating, and a modern, state-of-the-art facility, a hospital like this needs more to have the community presence our team knows it can have. I am excited to announce I will only be seeing patients at Oath Animal Hospital from now on! The decision to exclusively practice here represents more than just a professional commitment – it’s a testament to a shared vision and unwavering dedication to the well-being of every pet patient that walks through our doors. I invite you to continue reading into the story behind this pivotal decision, the values that drive our Oath team, and the boundless potential that lies ahead for Oath Animal Hospital leading to limitless opportunities to give back to our community.

Dr. Funk is Only Practicing at Oath Animal Hospital!

The team chemistry at Oath Animal Hospital has been unmistakable. There is teamwork between colleagues and bidirectional support as human beings. This has become the cultural foundation that Oath used to put down roots last year. In 2024, I am blessed to turn my full attention towards growing Oath in a way that allows clients and patients to experience The Oath Difference. In order to be a part of bringing Oath to the forefront of the veterinary community, I will no longer be seeing patients elsewhere. Instead, I am beyond thrilled to be seeing patients full-time at Oath Animal Hospital now!

By dedicating my full attention and expertise to this exceptional facility, I am confident that we will continue to provide outstanding care and service to our patients and their loving families. Together, with the unwavering support of our incredible team, we will uphold the values and principles that make Oath Animal Hospital truly special. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I look forward to many more years of serving this community and its pets with the highest standards of care. Here’s a bright future ahead at Oath Animal Hospital!

With gratitude and excitement,

Dr. Mike Funk
DVM, Medical Director, Owner

* Acknowledgements are necessary for all individuals who continue to support and cheer for Oath Animal Hospital. Thank you for your collegiality, wonderful ideas, positive input, motivation, and support. Oath Animal Hospital is a special place with a special future because of this collective effort!

Oath Animal Hospital

MAY 2024

Oath Animal Hospital Shines, Earning Both “Best of Long Island” Awards, Celebration May 11th!

Oath Animal Hospital Shines, Earning Both “Best of Long Island” Awards, Celebration May 11th!

Hi Pet Parents!

We couldn’t wait to share the good news with you! The entire team is proud to announce that Oath Animal Hospital has been awarded the prestigious title of “Best Pet Hospital” on Long Island (2024) in its very first year of operation! This remarkable achievement is a testament to our personal goal of making a difference in your pets’ lives, protecting the human-animal bond you share, and giving back to our community! It’s been an incredible journey already and to win this honor in our first year of practice speaks volumes. We are deeply grateful for your support and value entrusting us with the care of your treasured pets.

Dr. Mike Funk was also voted “Best Veterinarian” on Long Island for the impressive 10th time! To have been named “Best Veterinarian” for a decade worth of patient care is a monumental achievement. Rest assured that Dr. Funk knows there are always higher levels to unlock!

I remain deeply appreciative of the trust placed in me to care for your cherished pets. My approach remains the same: approach every year of serving pets and pet parents with the mindset that trust has to be earned every year. This makes each award a truly special honor.” – Dr. Funk

The strong chemistry between Oath Animal Hospital and Dr. Funk has been undeniable, demonstrating how teamwork enhances patient outcomes and client services.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve been busy spreading love and care beyond the walls of our hospital. From attending community events like the Long Island Pet Expo to participating in educational sessions at local schools and senior communities, we’re dedicated to giving back and making a positive impact wherever we go.

Now, mark your calendars because we’re celebrating our one-year anniversary and you’re invited to join in on the fun! We will have hospital tours, meet-and-greets, freebies, swag, and refreshments! Please have fun at our pet photo booth with props or just come for the ice cream! New clients are welcome to a free Wellness Exam as well! Stay up-to-date with our monthly newsletter – call us to add you to our newsletter email list!

Please RSVP by May 8th to secure your spot and ensure we have enough swag bags and goodies or all our guests. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

At Oath Animal Hospital, your pet’s well-being is our top priority. If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re doing something special at Oath – it’s The Oath Difference. Together we’ll keep tails wagging and purrs strong!

With gratitude and excitement,

Dr. Mike Funk
DVM, Medical Director, Owner

Best Of LI 2024

MAY 2024

Celebrating Excellence: Dr. Mike Funk Named Best Veterinarian On Long Island For The 10th Time

Dr. Funk Named 2024 Best Of Long Island For Tenth Time

In the heart of Long Island, amidst the bustling communities & cherished pets, there’s a beacon of excellence in veterinary care: Dr. Mike Funk. In 2024 & for the tenth time, Dr. Funk has been honored with the prestigious title of “Best Veterinarian on Long Island.” This remarkable achievement not only highlights Dr. Funk’s unwavering commitment to animal welfare but also underscores the profound impact he has made within multiple communities.

Dr. Funk’s journey is marked by dedication, compassion, & expertise. With a passion for animals that ignited at a young age, he pursued his dream relentlessly, earning his veterinary degree & continually expanding his knowledge & skills in the field. His genuine love for animals shines through in every interaction, earning him the trust & security of pet owners across Long Island.

10th Year in a Row – Dr. Funk named Best of Long Island for 2024

What makes this achievement in 2024 even more remarkable is the fact that Dr. Funk’s practice, Oath Animal Hospital, has only been open for less than a year. In its inaugural year, Oath Animal Hospital has already emerged as the epitome of excellence in pet care, winning the title of “Best Pet Hospital on Long Island.” This incredible feat speaks volumes about Dr. Funk’s vision, leadership, & the dedication of his team to providing top-notch veterinary services.

At Oath Animal Hospital, every furry friend is treated with the utmost care & attention. From routine check-ups to complex medical procedures, Dr. Funk & his team go above & beyond to ensure the health & well-being of their patients. Their state-of-the-art facility, coupled with a compassionate approach to veterinary medicine, have set a new standard for pet care in the region.

But Dr. Funk’s impact extends beyond the walls of this practices. He is actively involved in community outreach programs, promoting responsible pet ownership & advocating for animal welfare initiatives. Whether it’s offering free clinics for the local SPCA, participating in educational seminars, or lending a helping hand to island-wide animal shelters, Dr. Funk is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of animals & their human companions.

Receiving the title of “Best Veterinarian on Long Island” for the tenth time is a testament to Dr. Mike Funk’s unwavering commitment to excellence in veterinary care. It is a recognition of his tireless efforts, his passion for animals, & his profound impact within communities he serves. As one of Long Island’s beloved veterinarians, Dr. Funk continues to inspire & uplift both pets & their owners, ensuring that every furry friend receives the care, attention, & compassion they deserve. Cheers to Dr. Mike Funk & the entire team at Oath Animal Hospital for their outstanding achievement & dedication to the well-being of animals.

10th Year in a Row – Dr. Funk named Best of Long Island for 2024


Ready Or Not, Here Comes Baby!

Ready Or Not, Here Comes Baby!

You’re Having A Baby!

You’ve had fur babies forever but this is a “human” baby! “What can I do to make sure both baby & dog enjoy each others company?” Believe it or not, your dog probably already knew you were pregnant. They too, are baby-makers & sense the changes in & around you. For a smooth transition, focus on (i) familiarizing your dog with the expected new addition, (ii) keep dogs’ minds at peace so they know they have nothing of which to be jealous & (iii) take your pets to your veterinarian. There are going to be plenty of things about having a baby to stress you out – don’t let this be one of them! Let’s look at what can be done before your baby arrives so you have more time to take those once-in-a-lifetime pictures, capturing those special moments shared between both your babies.

Familiarize To The “New”

If your dog hasn’t had many interactions with babies, it’s a good idea to get them familiar with the newIf your dog hasn’t had many interactions with babies, it’s a good idea to get them familiar with the new sights,, sounds, and , and smells that will be a part of their lives just as much as they will be part of yours. Create a positive association with furniture by letting dogs sniff new baby items & then offer them a treat you know they like. The same goes for infant swings, toys, & baby mats. Doing so helps dogs make the connection that these foreign objects are nothing to fear but rather something that gets them a reward! You can substitute the treats for toys or praise if either holds higher value for your particular pooch. Spend time in the nursery once it’s prepared. Spend time on your tablet or read for leisure. Your pets will grow to know it’s just another room you spend time in. It’s all about helping your pets ease into the “new normal.”

The same goes for sounds – get your dogs ( & yourself ) used to common baby sounds by placing a mobile device in the crib to play baby crying, laughing, & cooing. Remember to pair the new sounds with a treat, toy, or praise. Invite friends to bring over their young children to help your pets get used to having an infant, or small children, in the home. It also gives you the opportunity to see how your pet reacts to babies – just be sure to monitor them closely!

Your dog relies on their sense of smell for a lot – this includes picking up the scent of all the new baby things they see. Don’t forget to let them sniff diapers, powders, baby oils, & lotions. Key tip: nothing is as authentic as bringing the blanket & hat home in the car seat. Carry the car seat into the house with you, put it down and let your dog sniff and investigate the new smells of the blanket/hat in the car seat. Then move the blanket/hat to other areas where the baby will be spending time & making noises like the bassinet & crib. There is less chance your dog will be bothered by the change if they already accepted the changes you’ve gradually been making.

Months before the baby arrives, begin varying feeding schedules & exercise times to make your dog more flexible. For example, begin to slowly shorten walk length, walk frequency & move the times you feed them an hour earlier or later. You don’t have to start paying less attention to your dog either, but if your dog follows you like velcro don’t be afraid to start behaving more independently so your dog can develop a little independence, too. Doggie daycare can be an option for dogs who need a place to burn off cooped up energy. Keep in mind the physical demands of pregnancy over the months may have already helped your dog get used to less attention.

Ready Or Not, Here Comes Baby!

Eliminating Jealousy

Dogs are usually fine with a little more independence. It may be tempting to spend as much time with them as you can before the baby arrives but it’s easier on them if you gradually reduce the doggie doting. Your partner can also help by forming a stronger bond with your dog. Not only does this redistribute the attention a bit, but it also can help establish another person your dog feels comfortable going to for needs like food & walks – making them less reliant on only you.

Don’t feel guilty about shifting your attention – there are still activities you can share once the baby is born! Take the baby & dog for a walk in nice weather. Walking is a bonding experience for dogs & provides exercise, fresh air, & sunshine. Also set aside some individual time for your pets – they will understand you still love them & that they just have to be a little more patient to get that special attention.

Ready Or Not, Here Comes Baby!

Vet Care

It is very important, for your baby, to make sure your pets are seen by your veterinarian – they need to be properly dewormed, up to date on shots, & thoroughly examined to make sure there are no health issues. Pets can carry & spread intestinal parasites without obvious outward signs. If I am your veterinarian, you have heard me talk about leptospirosis, rabies, & other pet infections we need to be concerned about because people can catch them, too. Pets who may have underlying medical conditions can also exhibit behavior that isn’t “their normal.” My goal is to help protect your baby by helping protect your pets, making sure they are as healthy as can be. It’s also the perfect time to address any animal behavior concerns since my focus is to start your baby’s human-animal bond off on the right foot!

It is also important to ask any questions you have about your pets recent behavior & address any concerns about past behavior. Recognizing & acting quickly makes the behavior easier to correct & less stressful for both pet & parent. Your veterinarian can help you with any issues & also connect you to a trainer if recommended. This highlights the importance of practicing basic commands like sit, stay, & leave it (or, drop it). Commands are not only useful for the face-value action you want from your pet, but they can also be used in so many other ways. For example, teaching your dog to sit or “place” on a designated area does the same thing as teaching them not to jump on the crib or into your lap without permission. Kitty Tip: aluminum foil or double-sided tape on the crib & changing table helps train cats not to jump up.

Remember to frequently massage your pet’s feet, ears, & tail. Much like yours, your dog’s sleep schedule may also be interrupted by a newborn & if lack of sleep can make you cranky, we can bet it can make your dog cranky, too! Your tired dog may have a shorter fuse for the exploring hands of babies that like to grab dog’s feet, ears, & tail if they haven’t been desensitized to it beforehand.

Ready Or Not, Here Comes Baby!

You Had The Baby!

Congratulations! … “now what?!” Welcoming your baby home is a special moment. There will be a lot of excitement & possibly a lot of fanfare with a lot of people. This is an opportunity for your dog to meet his or her little sibling but you should do it in a very specific way. Dogs can be territorial but you don’t necessarily need to introduce them outside the home. Don’t let your dog jump on you as you walk through the door – it is helpful if your dog is crate trained. Wait to introduce the baby to the dog when everyone is calm, quiet, & settled to create a less stimulating or stressful experience.

Don’t forget family building experiences your dog can understand. Besides the bonding exercise of going for a stroller walk with your baby & dog, eat your meals together. Since dogs can sense inequity, give your dog a treat or toy when your baby gets something new. All these things help reinforce that there is no need for your dog to develop any jealous feelings.

By this point, you are doing a lot of work with your dog to accept & respect your baby. The same is true that your baby should learn how to accept & respect your dog. Work with your baby to teach the proper way to pet & handle your dog & your dog’s belongings. Doing both helps produce a home filled with love, peace, & serenity!

Ready Or Not, Here Comes Baby!


It’s OK to spend more time on baby & a little less on doggie. If you’ve taken the time to do the things above (or in the checklist below), it’s just an adjustment & most dogs will do just fine. By setting some ground rules for both dogs & babies, you’re on your way to creating another unique human-animal bond between your child & dog. Even though it may take some time to adjust, remember to relax & have faith that everything will work out fine. Now go & create memorable experiences that involve everyone. Enjoy It’s OK to spend more time on baby & a little less on doggie. If you’ve taken the time to do the things above (or in the checklist below), it’s just an adjustment & most dogs will do just fine. By setting some ground rules for both dogs & babies, you’re on your way to creating another unique human-animal bond between your child & dog. Even though it may take some time to adjust, remember to relax & have faith that everything will work out fine. Now go & create memorable experiences that involve everyone. Enjoy all the babies in your life – your new ones, your furry ones, & the growing family you’ve become.

This is a topic I aspired to write about for quite some time. No time like the present when you’re expecting the first of your very own this July 2019!

Thank you for reading my article on how to make family adjustments when a baby is on the way. I hope you found it helpful & informative. Please comment & let me know what you think!


  1. Familiarize to sights, sounds, smells, & flexible schedules
  2. Reduce feelings of jealousy by redistributing attention, giving rewards when giving something to baby, sharing activities, & saving some individual time for just you & your pets
  3. See your veterinarian soon, consult a trainer if recommended, & anticipate making boarding reservations if needed
  4. Desensitize your dog by frequently massaging their feet, ears, & tail
  5. Remember to teach your baby how to respect your dog & your dog’s belongings, too
  6. Never leave your child and pets unsupervised


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2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!

2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward – Oath Has Arrived!

As I approach the end of our first year in operation, I find myself reflecting on the moments that shaped our journey together. It’s been a year filled with firsts – triumphs, challenges, & most importantly, the privilege of caring for your pets. As we say goodbye to 2023, I want to express my gratitude for entrusting us with the health & well-being of your cherished family members.

Celebrating Milestones

This year was marked by significant milestones for Oath Animal Hospital. We signified our arrival in the community & Long Island, at large, by raising our sign in March. & proudly celebrated our Grand Opening in May. We continue to ramp up & attribute this success to the support you’ve placed in us. Your trust motivates us to provide the best veterinary care possible. We achieved AAHA Accreditation for meeting special standards of veterinary care & facility capabilities. Only 1 of 8 hospitals achieves this distinction.

2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!
2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!

Technological Advancements

Technology is integral to our commitment to excellence. From therapeutic laser treatments to cryotherapy to ultrasound, we will refuse complacency. From day one, this facility offers the newest diagnostic equipment & medical technologies that enhance our diagnostic accuracy & treatment options. These capabilities enable us to offer state-of-the-art care for your pets.

New Faces, Same Dedication

In the spirit of growth & evolution, we welcomed new members to our veterinary team. Each addition brings a unique skill set & a shared commitment to the well-being of your pets. Our team remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine & service, ensuring that we provide cutting-edge & compassionate care.

2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!

Community Outreach

We actively engaged our community within & beyond the walls of Oath Animal Hospital. Our team presented educational initiatives at schools (Our Lady of Guadalupe). We shared insights on responsible pet ownership, preventive care, & the importance of regular veterinary check-ups with our presence at the Long Island Pet Expo & Fall Festival, & ran in the 5K “Girls on the Run.”

2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!
2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!
2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!

We offered pics with Santa, held food drives (Long Island Cares), & provided Oath gift baskets for charity events (Little Shelter, John Theissen, Nassau Cnty SPCA). We also held a Nassau County SPCA spay/neuter day. Oath Animal Hospital was proud to host a Microchip Clinic as well as Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair to collect 162 stuffed animals for sick children while repairing the cherished stuffies of our client’s children. We raised $1000.00 for one lucky animal rescue by starting a charity fantasy football league, affectionately named, Dr. Funk’s Fantasy Football Invitational or, “The Triple-F.I!”

Our mission will keep us present in the community because we believe that a well-informed community is a key partner in promoting the health & happiness of our pets. Your pet’s best health is a team effort!

2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!
2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!
2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!
2023-2024 Looking Back & Looking Forward - Oath Has Arrived!

Gratitude and Acknowledgment
Lastly, as we close out this year, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our clients, both two-legged & four-legged. Your trust & loyalty inspire us daily. We are honored to be part of the stories that make your pets’ lives extraordinary. The coming year promises continued growth, innovation, & most importantly, the joy of serving you & your pets. We are excited to show you all that we have in store for you to materialize in the year ahead. I look forward to strengthening our bond with each member of the Oath Animal Hospital community.

We wish you & your furry friends a great start to your new year!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Mike Funk
DVM, Medical Director, Owner


Winter Wonderlands can be Pet Perils

Winter Wonderlands Can Be Pet Perils

The winter holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. However, amidst the festive decorations and cheerful gatherings, it’s crucial for pet owners to be aware of potential dangers that can lurk in the tinsel-draped corners of our homes. Here are a few of the common hazards of tinsel, ribbon, electrocution, strangulation, and hypothermia, providing insights on how to keep our pets safe during this peaceful time of year.

Tinsel Trouble

Tinsel, with its sparkling allure, can turn a Christmas tree into a mesmerizing playground for our feline and canine companions. However, what may seem like harmless fun can quickly take a serious turn. Cats, in particular, are notorious for batting at and chewing on these decorative strands. Unfortunately, if ingested, tinsel can wreak havoc on a pet’s digestive system.

The thin, flexible nature of tinsel can allow it to easily wind around the intestines, creating a potentially life-threatening obstruction. Symptoms of tinsel ingestion include vomiting, lethargy, and abdominal pain. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the obstruction.

To safeguard your pet, consider alternatives such as pet-friendly decorations or place ornaments out of their reach. Additionally, closely monitor your pet’s interactions with the tree and promptly address any signs of interest in tinsel.

Ribbon Woes

The colorful curls of ribbon may add a festive touch to gifts and decorations, but these seemingly innocent adornments can pose significant risks to our pets. Cats, known for their love of batting at dangling objects, may be particularly drawn to ribbons. However, if ingested, ribbon can lead to choking or, more critically, gastrointestinal obstruction.

To mitigate the risks, secure ribbons tightly on gifts and avoid leaving loose ends that pets might find tempting. Consider using cloth ribbons instead of the shiny, metallic varieties, as they are less likely to cause harm if ingested. Always supervise your pets when ribbons are present, and promptly discard any small, chewable pieces.

Electrocution Risks

Holiday lights and electrical decorations can transform our homes into winter wonderlands, but the cords that power these displays can pose a serious threat to curious pets. Dogs and cats may be enticed to chew on wires, leading to electric shocks, burns, or even fires.

To minimize the risk of electrocution, ensure that all cords are securely fastened and hidden from your pet’s reach. Consider using pet-proof covers for electrical outlets and investing in cord management systems to keep wires organized and out of sight. If you notice any signs of chewing or fraying, promptly replace damaged cords to prevent potential hazards.

“I told you, you had too many plugs in one outlet!”

Art Smith

(National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)

Strangulation Dangers

Decorations like stockings, garlands, and hanging ornaments contribute to the festive atmosphere, but they can also pose a strangulation risk for pets, especially cats. Cats, with their innate curiosity and love of climbing, may inadvertently become entangled in hanging decorations, leading to serious injuries or even fatalities.

Be mindful of where you place these decorations, keeping them well out of your pet’s reach. Avoid hanging decorations in areas where your pet likes to explore, and secure decorations securely to prevent accidental entanglements. Supervise your pets closely when they are around festive displays, and intervene immediately if you notice any signs of distress or entanglement.

Hypothermia Awareness

While many holiday celebrations take place indoors, winter also brings opportunities for outdoor activities with our pets. However, exposure to cold temperatures can pose risks of hypothermia, especially for smaller or short-haired breeds.

When venturing outdoors, keep outings brief, and be mindful of your pet’s tolerance to the cold. Dress them in warm, weather-appropriate layers, including sweaters or jackets for added insulation. Provide sheltered spaces where your pets can retreat from the cold, and avoid extended exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Monitor your pets for signs of hypothermia, including shivering, lethargy, disorientation, and cold extremities. If you suspect your pet is experiencing hypothermia, seek veterinary attention promptly.

While the winter holiday season is a time of warmth and joy, it’s essential for pet owners to be vigilant about potential hazards that can arise in the festive decorations and activities. By staying informed and taking preventive measures, we can create a safe and enjoyable environment for our furry family members. This season, let’s ensure that our pets are not just part of the celebration but are also protected from potential holiday hazards. Keep the holidays peaceful and magical.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Oath Animal Hospital! We’re looking forward to a great start to the new year, too!

– Dr. Funk


Vote for Oath and Dr. Funk! Best of Long Island 2024

Vote for Oath and Dr. Funk! Best of Long Island 2024

For 9 years, our own Dr. Michael Funk has been voted the Bethpage Best of Long Island: Best Veterinarian and this year for the first time, his newest practice, Oath Animal Hospital in East Meadow, is nominated for Best Pet Hospital alongside Dr. Funk.

Want to help us win? Click here to vote every day until December 15th! The Bethpage Best of Long Island relies solely on the votes of our community to decide the best of the best on Long Island – so let them know that you love and support us!

Want to have your say about other local businesses? Check out their categories for Entertainment, Food and Drink, Health and Wellness and more!


Pawsitively Delicious! Exploring Pawsitively Delicious!

Pawsitively Delicious! Exploring a Palette of Pet-Safe Fruits and Vegetables for Healthier, Happier Pet Friends!

The story about fruits and vegetables has not changed – they’re healthy and good for you. The right fruits and veggies are also good for your pets, too. Whether enticing them to eat their balanced pet food, used as treats, or even used as substitute treats for overweight pets, fruits and vegetables are a great source of nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables are a safe way to incorporate nutritious food into meals. However, it’s crucial to be aware of what’s safe for them to consume and follow your veterinarian’s recommendations. My favorite use of fruits and vegetables for pets is to use them as pet treats. Regardless if my patients maintain perfect body habitus or could stand to trim recent Holiday weight, I can recommend these as a lower-calorie treat option.

Did you know…

1 medium apple has (95 calories) has slightly less calories than 1 slice (1 oz) of American cheese (>100 calories)?!1 2

In this article, we’ll explore a comprehensive list of pet-safe fruits and vegetables for both cats and dogs, ensuring their diet is both delicious and nutritious.


Pawsitively Delicious! Exploring Pawsitively Delicious!Apples are a fantastic source of vitamins A and C, as well as fiber. Remove seeds and core before offering to your pets.


Packed with antioxidants, blueberries are a great addition to your pet’s diet. They’re rich in vitamin C, K, and fiber.


Crunchy and nutritious, carrots are a low-calorie treat loaded with beta-carotene and fiber. They’re excellent for dental health, usually best served chilled, and provide the best substitute for higher calorie, lower-quality pet treats!


A superb source of fiber and essential nutrients, cooked pumpkin aids digestion. Ensure it’s plain and free of added sugars or spices. We often discuss canned pumpkin for diarrhea and constipation issues (yes – it works for both!). Keep in contact with your veterinary hospital because the calorie content of pumpkin can quickly become excessive and add unneeded weight to your pet.

Sweet Potatoes

High in fiber, vitamins A and C, sweet potatoes make a nutritious addition to your pet’s diet. Cooked and plain is the way to go.


Bananas are a potassium powerhouse, and they’re also rich in vitamin C and B6. They make for a delicious and energy-boosting treat.


A vitamin C powerhouse, strawberries are a delicious and nutritious treat. Remember to remove the stem before serving.


These low-calorie veggies are packed with hydration and contain vitamins K and C. They make for a crunchy and refreshing snack.


A summer favorite, watermelon is a hydrating fruit that’s also rich in vitamins A, B6, and C. Ensure you remove the seeds and rind.


A leafy green powerhouse, spinach is loaded with iron, vitamins A, C, and K. It’s most digestible when it has been cooked.

Green Beans

High in fiber, green beans are a nutritious and crunchy snack for pets. They’re rich in vitamins C and K.


Packed with protein and fiber, peas are an excellent addition to your pet’s diet. They provide vitamins A, B, and K.

Including pet-safe fruits and vegetables in your pet’s diet can be a delightful and healthy way to ensure they get a little extra nutrition. Remember to consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns about allergies or dietary restrictions. Be aware that some fruits and vegetables will be contra-indicated in various medical conditions and thus, will lead your veterinarian to ask that you avoid them.

Tails from the Medical Bag…

“She can’t stay in here. This is the men’s room.”

James P. Sullivan

For this story, we’ll call this very good patient of mine, Randall. Randall is an English Bulldog who developed urinary bladder stones – the stones of most dogs are made of magnesium or calcium. After surgery to remove the bladder stones (something that could potentially block all attempts to urinate) and stone analysis, we found out Randall’s stones were different. His stones – urate stones – were most likely caused by a defect in his ability to metabolize uric acid. Among other recommendations, we could help reduce the risk of developing future urate stones if we avoided fruits and vegetables high in purines, methionine, and cysteine. We avoided:

  • Spinach, asparagus, peas, and cauliflower – high in purines
  • Cucumbers – possibly high in methionine
  • Tomatoes – has other properties that add nitrogen into the uric acid pathway

Peppers, mixed salad greens, carrots, bananas, and strawberries were safer options for Randall and his condition.

We were able to support Randall’s overall health, given his unique urinary condition, with the aid of fruits and vegetables while purposefully avoiding other.

By offering fruits and vegetables, these  garden goodies, give your pet a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber for a happy, healthy life. Ask your veterinarian which are best for your pet and their individual situation. Then add them or use them as treats, but either way Bon appétit, furry friends!


  1. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. (n.d.). Apples. The Nutrition Source. Retrieved November 18, 2023, from https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/food-features/apples/#:~:text=Source%20Of&text=One%20serving%2C%20or%20one%20medium,)%2C%20and%203%20grams%20fiber.
  2. (n.d.). American Cheese: Nutrition, Calories, and More. Retrieved November 18, 2023, from https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/american-cheese-nutrition


Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair Comes To Oath Animal Hospital

Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair Comes To Oath Animal Hospital

This November 11th, we hosted a Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair event at our East Meadow, Long Island practice on Newbridge Road. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the attendees who participated – every bear repair session was booked solid!Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair Comes To Oath Animal Hospital

Attendees were able to bring a stuffed animal and Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair Comes To Oath Animal Hospitalhave our Oath Animal Hospital team help “perform surgery” to fix them up in exchange for a new toy to be donated to NYU Langone Hospital – Long Island Pediatric Center in Hempstead. Thank you to everyone who attended, supported and donated!

“It was about more than just Teddy Bears – it was about humans. It was about translating our veterinary skills meant for pets into making children the focus. Our goal is to be a place the community can trust. It was a celebration of Oath Animal Hospital’s arrival and the potential we hope to bring to those around East Meadow and Long Island.” – Dr. Mike Funk

We had a wonderful time inviting the community into our hospital, and helping mend so many special stuffy friends!

Our ultimate goal, is that every stuffed animal puts a smile on the face of each child when they wake up from surgery or wake up another day in the hospital.

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See the rest of our event photos  – view our Photo Gallery.

Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair Event


Spooky Fun, Safe Pets: Halloween Tips for Cats and Dogs

Spooky Fun, Safe Pets: Halloween Tips for Cats and Dogs

The leaves are changes and pumpkins are popping up all over doorsteps here in Nassau County, Long Island, and the air is filled with an air of excitement – Halloween is just around the corner! While it’s a fun and exciting time for us, it can be scary and overwhelming for our furry friends. With costumes, decorations, and candy everywhere, it’s important to keep our pets safe during Halloween festivities. In this article, we’ll share some essential Halloween safety tips to ensure a howling good time for your cats and dogs.

Choose Pet-Friendly Costumes

If you’re planning on dressing up your pet, opt for costumes that are comfortable and safe. Ensure that the costume doesn’t obstruct their movement, breathing, or hearing. Avoid costumes with small, detachable parts that could be swallowed, and always supervise them while they’re wearing their outfits. Want some more tips? Check out more tips from the Animal Human Society here.

Pumpkin Precautions

Jack-o’-lanterns are a quintessential Halloween decoration, but they can pose a danger to your pets. Curious cats and dogs may investigate the flickering light and could accidentally knock over a candle. Instead, consider using battery-operated LED lights for a safer alternative. Looking for the best pumpkin patches in Long Island? Check out this list!

Secure Your Candy Stash

Halloween candy is not for our four-legged friends. Chocolate, xylitol (found in sugar-free gum and some candies), and certain types of candy wrappers can be toxic to pets. Keep all sweets and treats out of their reach and securely stored in a high cabinet or closed container. Looking for other opportunities for Halloween treats? Check out these fun trunk or treat events – perfect for smaller children and those not wanting to walk long blocks.

Beware of Decorations

Ghoulish decorations can be intriguing to pets, but some of them can be hazardous. Fake cobwebs, glow sticks, and small decorations can pose choking hazards or be harmful if ingested. Keep decorations elevated and out of your pet’s reach.

Quiet Time for Nervous Nellies

Halloween can be a noisy and chaotic night, which may be unsettling for some pets. Create a quiet and comfortable space where they can retreat if they start to feel anxious. Provide familiar toys and bedding to help them feel secure. If your pet is easily spooked, consider using a white noise machine or calming music to drown out the sounds of trick-or-treaters. Additionally, allowing your pet to become familiar with costumes before the big night can help desensitize them. Looking for some low-key local fun? Check out the “Not-So-Scary” list of events or visit your local library for Not-So-Scary-At-The-Library reading events.

Keep Them Indoors

With the increased foot traffic and excitement outside, it’s best to keep your pets indoors during Halloween night. This will not only prevent them from getting spooked or stressed but also protects them from potential hazards or pranks. And if attending big Halloween events, leave your pets at home.

ID Tags and Microchipping

Ensure that your pet’s ID tags are up-to-date with current contact information. Halloween can be a time when pets may become frightened and bolt. Having a microchip with updated information provides an added layer of security.

* Edited May 2024


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