This November 11th, we hosted a Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair event at our East Meadow, Long Island practice on Newbridge Road. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the attendees who participated – every bear repair session was booked solid!Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair Comes To Oath Animal Hospital

Attendees were able to bring a stuffed animal and Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair Comes To Oath Animal Hospitalhave our Oath Animal Hospital team help “perform surgery” to fix them up in exchange for a new toy to be donated to NYU Langone Hospital – Long Island Pediatric Center in Hempstead. Thank you to everyone who attended, supported and donated!

“It was about more than just Teddy Bears – it was about humans. It was about translating our veterinary skills meant for pets into making children the focus. Our goal is to be a place the community can trust. It was a celebration of Oath Animal Hospital’s arrival and the potential we hope to bring to those around East Meadow and Long Island.” – Dr. Mike Funk

We had a wonderful time inviting the community into our hospital, and helping mend so many special stuffy friends!

Our ultimate goal, is that every stuffed animal puts a smile on the face of each child when they wake up from surgery or wake up another day in the hospital.

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Brie-Bear’s Bear Repair Event