In the heart of Long Island, amidst the bustling communities & cherished pets, there’s a beacon of excellence in veterinary care: Dr. Mike Funk. In 2024 & for the tenth time, Dr. Funk has been honored with the prestigious title of “Best Veterinarian on Long Island.” This remarkable achievement not only highlights Dr. Funk’s unwavering commitment to animal welfare but also underscores the profound impact he has made within multiple communities.

Dr. Funk’s journey is marked by dedication, compassion, & expertise. With a passion for animals that ignited at a young age, he pursued his dream relentlessly, earning his veterinary degree & continually expanding his knowledge & skills in the field. His genuine love for animals shines through in every interaction, earning him the trust & security of pet owners across Long Island.

10th Year in a Row – Dr. Funk named Best of Long Island for 2024

What makes this achievement in 2024 even more remarkable is the fact that Dr. Funk’s practice, Oath Animal Hospital, has only been open for less than a year. In its inaugural year, Oath Animal Hospital has already emerged as the epitome of excellence in pet care, winning the title of “Best Pet Hospital on Long Island.” This incredible feat speaks volumes about Dr. Funk’s vision, leadership, & the dedication of his team to providing top-notch veterinary services.

At Oath Animal Hospital, every furry friend is treated with the utmost care & attention. From routine check-ups to complex medical procedures, Dr. Funk & his team go above & beyond to ensure the health & well-being of their patients. Their state-of-the-art facility, coupled with a compassionate approach to veterinary medicine, have set a new standard for pet care in the region.

But Dr. Funk’s impact extends beyond the walls of this practices. He is actively involved in community outreach programs, promoting responsible pet ownership & advocating for animal welfare initiatives. Whether it’s offering free clinics for the local SPCA, participating in educational seminars, or lending a helping hand to island-wide animal shelters, Dr. Funk is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of animals & their human companions.

Receiving the title of “Best Veterinarian on Long Island” for the tenth time is a testament to Dr. Mike Funk’s unwavering commitment to excellence in veterinary care. It is a recognition of his tireless efforts, his passion for animals, & his profound impact within communities he serves. As one of Long Island’s beloved veterinarians, Dr. Funk continues to inspire & uplift both pets & their owners, ensuring that every furry friend receives the care, attention, & compassion they deserve. Cheers to Dr. Mike Funk & the entire team at Oath Animal Hospital for their outstanding achievement & dedication to the well-being of animals.

10th Year in a Row – Dr. Funk named Best of Long Island for 2024


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